A Year in Pictures 2018: Music and Culture Photography From Liverpool

Cream Classical

As we are now all hopefully winding down on the lead up until Christmas, I thought it’d be as good as time as any to take a minute, and look back on what has personally been an incredible year for covering live music in Liverpool from a photographers view.

Still being relatively new to music photography at the turn of the year, I’ve taken the opportunity to throw myself head first into the field. And what a year its been, I’d like to think I’ve experienced a wide range of what’s been on offer, such as finding artists who were nowhere near my usual radar, like the mightily impressive The Mysterines and Beija Flo, both whom I’m certain will have huge futures, to then putting a massive tick on the bucket list when getting the chance to both, photograph and review Paul McCartney at Echo Arena. 

As a  photographer, the feeling you get from capturing that very moment from an artist’s set whose music you’ve grown up listening to, or has a big influence on you day-to-day life is just wondrous. If anyone reading this is tempted to dip their feet into photographing live music then my advice would be don’t hesitate. It will give you some of the most challenging but rewarding moments as a photographer.

So this year has been an amazing journey, and huge thanks must go to Getintothis, where I’m now proud to be the website Photography Editor, and also Bido Lito for the opportunities to combine two passions of music and photography.

There would be too many highlights to write about here given I just wanted to make this a gallery piece rather then being too wordy, but there have been some truly special moments not to mention such as; the two Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band gigs at Museum of Liverpool, and Grand Central Hall respectively. It was also was great to see Liverpool excelling on the city festival front, Sound City, Liverpool Calling, and the heavily criticised LIMF all exceeding  expectations for very different reasons. And having never been to a NightLight Liverpool before I was completely blown away by this event, and definitely won’t be missing it again.

Anyway I’ll stop rabbiting away now and let you see some off my best/favourite shots of the past 12 months….hope you enjoy.

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